Midterm documentation

The game creation process starts with a simple concept or idea. Usually this is an original concept created within the company, but it happens that the idea is taken from outside. For my midterm project, I was inspired by different “Catching games”.
For example: http://learningprocessing.com/examples/chp10/example-10-10-rain-catcher-game

This is both a simple and very complex game that captures the user. I chose this game because I add a lot of my own stuff along the way and it’s very easy to interpret my ideas into this project.

At the moment I am planning to do something like a game where the player will collect different flowers and make his own bouquet. I will choose a suitable character (maybe there will be several). Also, I plan to choose flowers, approximately it will be lilacs.

At the moment, I have done research on creating the base of the game, the so-called “skeleton”. Next, I need to completely decorate the game, add win and lose screens, add pictures, and adjust the colors. Also, think about what conditions the game will have.

Helpful links:

https://happycoding.io/tutorials/p5js/arrays– Arrays and more
https://dev.to/lukegarrigan/top-5-best-games-to-code-as-a-beginner-9n – inspo
https://itch.io/games/made-with-p5js – inspo(complex but fascinating projects)
https://creative-coding.decontextualize.com/making-games-with-p5-play/ (Collision callbacks and other interesting things with sprites)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgHhEzKlLb4 (basic functions-need )

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