Week 5: Midterm Progress: Save the Snail

For my midterm project I’m creating a game called ‘Save the Snail’. It’s a very simple, easy-to-play game where the user tries to save a snail from getting eaten by a frog or getting hit by rocks.

Save the Snail:

The game will be extremely easy to play, and will just need a press on the keyboard or a click on the mouse. The frog will be at one end of the screen and the snail will keep getting attracted to the frog and the user’s click on the mouse will move the snail away to the right. At the same time there will be rocks falling randomly from the top of the screen and the user will also have to make sure the rocks don’t hit the snail. The gameplay overall is very simple. If the snail comes in contact with the frog or gets hit by the rocks, the screen shows the score and a game over message.

My Progress:

So far I have figured out how to make the rocks drop down randomly. I accomplished that using a class for the rocks and then a update() method to make them drop down. I also made the ‘snail’, currently it’s just a circle that keeps moving to the left and a built-in p5js function- mouseIsPressed()-  moves the circle ten units to the right.

Here’s a screenshot of the progress. The code is still very scratchy and uncommented for the most part:

Things left to do:

Although the code is somewhat functional, what makes or breaks a game is the interface. I am looking to make the interface a lot more friendly and add graphical elements to it. Also, I’ll maybe try to add difficulty levels but I’m not sure if I can make that happen. For now the game is an arcade style game, a very good way to kill time, haha.

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