Midterm Progress

I’m still at the beginning of my game making process so bear with me –

My idea is to make a game where the premise is – “Oh no, my cat escaped into my brother’s room! Help me find him quick before my brother comes back from the bathroom!!” I would put a 1-2 minute timer, depending on how many items are in the space/how difficult it is to complete with trial and error.

I’d like to create an animated moment where the cat scurries from the door to a hidden place in the room and then the game starts but I’m not quite sure how to integrate that.

The biggest problem I’ve had so far is trying to figure out the drag and drop – I’m able to do it successfully with one image but as soon as I try to make more than one image move, my code stops working. I also realize that I don’t completely understand how to make a class and how to ‘push’ it out in draw. I spent hours googling different ways to code in drag and drop (whether that be different shapes/images) but not many came up. Even with those that did, the code was too complex for me to understand.

I finally was able to work around a code to get several images working and moving but it isn’t very efficient. I’ll need to schedule a meeting with the Professor to figure out how to sort everything into classes and make it smoother overall.

Here is what I have so far – very plain but everything will start coming together in the next day/two:

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