Midterm Progress

So I was inspired by the game Crossy Road and wanted to do a similar concept. I chose the concept of a game where you have to run away from your boss and escape in time while avoiding all the workplace obstacles in the way. The camera will pan down slowly while you are running and if you touch the border you will lose.

I implemented my chosen sprite of a guy in a suit and got it to move left right and up as going down is not needed. I also created a background using photoshop of the hallway that the player will run through. My next step will be to add all the furniture objects that the character has to avoid and the camera pan.

Making all the objects move down while the character runs is something I need to try and figure out as I am not entirely sure how that would work, especially on top of the camera not being static and having to move slowly on its own even when the character is not moving.


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