Kashyapa Self Portrait

I started off by taking a photograph of myself so I would be able to take a good look at myself and see what I look like. I then paid very close attention to the different shapes I could spot on my face, like the eyes being ellipses for example. By the time I was done with this I had a pretty good idea as to how I would make the self portrait. When I started however, I realized that some aspects of my face would not consist of only one primitive shape and that I would have to combine different shapes.
One of the most challenging parts of this assignment was figuring out how to draw my nose since noses are very oddly shaped. I first wanted to use a combination of arcs but I then decided after browsing through the reference page that using a Bezier curve to draw the side view of the nose would be a lot simpler and would not sacrifice the quality of the portrait. Also, I used a for loop to generate small ellipses in my hair to make it look slightly curly.
Overall, I think this assignment helped me get comfortable with 2D primitive shapes as I often found myself playing around with values to see what would pop up on the screen even though I could have improved certain aspects of like the realism and robustness.
Here is my portrait:

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