Assignment 1: Self-Portrait

In this assignment, the task was to sketch out our self-portraits. I don’t really draw life forms with features so I choose to do something non-living. It’s a flower!

I started out with the Petals. I used the Ellipse function and drew reasonably sized petals. I then aligned them at one point by rotating them. Then I drew the middle part of the flower i.e. a circle. To add some detail, mainly so that it looks like a sunflower 🌻, I added a few lines and formed a crisscrossed pattern. The colors were changed accordingly. The petals blink after a certain time (actually they change their color). Then, the stem was drawn and leaves were added. I used an ellipse shape to make some grass at the bottom. Also, added some clouds and sun. My glowy sunflower is ready!

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