Final Project: How fast you can dance


From the dancing games in the arcade, where you step on pads to create sound or match the falling arrows.

Team: solo


The game entails 5 pads, each representing one note on the pentatonic scale. In processing, there will be five circles corresponding to the five pads. The game would give you a sequence of notes by lighting up the circles in processing and, through Arduino, the LEDs surrounding the pads. The player would have to recreate the sequence by stepping on the pads. The LEDs and the circles would light up as the player jump between the pads.


Have players remember the sequence and recreate it. The sequence gets longer as the game progresses.


  1. LED strips
  2. sponges (non-conductive materials)
  3. force detectors
  4. Arduino
  5. lots of wires
  6. space: a 2m x 2m space to place the pads


Codes: The hardest part would be recording what the player is doing and checking if it is the same as the displayed demo sequence.

Physical: Making the pads durable enough for people to step on them and still remain functional.


I’ve been doing research about verifying and checking the notes.  I have sone codes for doing more but will need something more to meet the needs of the game.

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