Final HeartBeat Monitor/ Music (BEEPS)/ LED project


Finalize your idea,  determine whether it’s going to be a group/solo arrangement,  identify the materials/space you need, and identify what you think will be hardest to complete. Post your progress on the project so far.


For the final project, I would be creating a heartbeat monitor using a pulse sensor and working with LEDs and a buzzer to generate sounds and lights according to the pulse sensor.


Pulse Sensor

Jumper Wires




Arduino Board

and other resources while working on the project

Hardest Part

I think the hardest part would be controlling the way heartbeat would be displayed on the processing screen, since I haven’t done that before.


I have been waiting for the pulse sensor until today, but in the meantime, I was finding alternatives to the buzzer to create sounds. Maybe use the mac speaker and processing to do that work.

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