Final Project Commitment

identify what you think will be hardest to complete, and start building it. Post the final idea, material/space needs, group/solo arrangement, and your progress on the project so far.


I have committed to the screaming plane simulator as my final project idea, which will be a solo project.


I have decided to not use the Orientation Sensor, and instead have the project be a 2D simulation, with pitch controlled from the Arduino. I will need a slider analog input for controlling pitch. I believe that everything else I will need is in the Arduino boxes we already have.


I haven’t made anything with a sprite sheet yet, and in my searches so far I have not found any sprite sheets of airplanes that are what I am looking for. Either I will have to create my own sprite sheet, or look much harder. I also haven’t used my computer microphone for anything yet, and so figuring out how to take in that input will be something I will need to learn.

Work So Far:

So far I have worked out what mechanisms I want to be present in my simulator (ie takeoff from an airport, landing in another airport, a progress bar, high scores, time-reducing tokens, obstacles to be avoided, and sound input to increase speed). I have an early version of my train simulator code from when I had planned to make a version of the Chrome Dino Game which I believe will be useful as a starting point for the Plane Simulator Code.

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