Toomie’s final project progress: JJK Video Game


Hello everyone!

As you might remember from Wednesday, my final project idea is a Jujutsu Kaisen themed video game! As I mentioned in my previous post, the main character in the anime, Yuji, swallows a cursed finger and is now a vessel to a cursed spirit, Sukuna. Now, he has to collect all 20 of Sukuna’s fingers so he can exorcise the curse and save the world, I guess..

As of season 1, Yuji has eaten 4/20 fingers. So, in my game, the player is going to collect the remaining 16 fingers in a set time. I was thinking of adding an HP bar, but I think something like this would be more doable:

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The mechanics are quite simple, I plan on making a button for attacks towards curses, a joystick to move across the screen, and a button for collecting fingers. Every time an enemy is close to the sprite for more than 5 seconds without being defeated, the player will lose a heart. Lose 5 hearts to lose!

I’ve already started planning out the code on processing, but I haven’t actually started writing any code yet, I just typed out the general structure of my code and wrote down comments of my plan throughout.  I wrote down a few variable names and image names that I will use later on while coding, including a gamemode variable, which I used in my midterm project. I will use this variable to switch between pages in my game!

Im thinking of making the final layout of my project something like this:


Steve Aoki teamed up with Capcom on a Street Fighter arcade cabinet and  clothing line - The Verge
maybe I can build a cardboard box around my laptop?


I will need 2 buttons, a solderable breadboard , a joystick or a slider(depending on if the avatar will move across one axis or both axes, I still haven’t decided), and spare wires .  I might need a cardboard box as well.

So far, I think the materials I mentioned are all I’ll need, but we’ll find out soon if I need anything else…

Hardest Parts

I think serial communication might be a bit challenging for me to figure out, and making the Arduino components respond correctly with Processing.

Also, I think I might need to make my own sprite sheet for Yuji, as I couldn’t find a sprite sheet for his character online.

Other than that, I’ll have to figure out how to code the hearts system as well as the timer system, and how to make a finger appear after defeating a set number of curses.

As for the number of curses to beat per finger and the duration of the timer, I think I’ll decide on that after user testing.

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