Final Project Idea


I was thinking of making a game that was themed around an anime called Jujutsu Kaisen. In the anime, the main character swallows a cursed finger and is now a vessel to a cursed spirit, Sukuna. So for my game, I was thinking of making the player fight cursed spirits (with a controller) and collect one of Sukuna’s fingers after defeating a set amount of enemies. I might add a timer, and people can see how many fingers they can collect with the given time, OR it can be a challenge, like collect 5 fingers in the given time or you lose! Something like that.


The processing code will be the game interface itself, and there will probably be code similar to collision detection whenever you are near a finger, so you press a button on the controller to collect it. Maybe I can add an HP bar and it keeps decreasing when enemies are near the sprite, so it’s taking damage. If it gets to 0, game over. But if I add an HP bar, maybe I don’t need the sprite to move around the screen, maybe similar to Space Invaders? I’m still not 100% sure how this will work..


I’m planning on making a controller that is connected to Arduino, with buttons for fighting enemies and collecting fingers and maybe a joystick for moving. The buttons will work like an on/off switch , but I’m still not sure about how the joystick will work yet. Everything on the controller will send info to Processing so that the game can respond on screen.

That’s my idea!

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