Final Project Proposal: Music Music


Refine your final project proposal, including a finalized concept for the project, a description of what your Arduino program will do with each input and output and what it will send to and/or receive from Processing, and a description of what the processing program will do and what it will send to and/or receive from Arduino


For the final project, I want to simulate a music concert. I want to make a music rhythm visualizer both on screen and with LEDs such that a change in the music playing will change how the music is visualized.


On the Arduino, I’m going to use a sensor to sense the rhythm of the music being played by a user.  I am also going to add multiple LEDs that will take the rhythm as input and dance to it. Depending on how this turns out, I am going to add a switch or sensor to send info to processing for a change in Music.


The processing at the same time receives the rhythm signals from the Arduino and shows a screen of the music visualization indicating the rise and fall of the beats.

The next step is to receive info from an Arduino sensor or switch to change the music being played as opposed to a user manually changing the music on a phone or device.


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