Final Project Idea: Generative Drawing


My idea is to make a drawing machine on Processing and to use Arduino-controlled Joy Sticks to control the mouse position on the screen.

The user would get to control the colors and save the image if desired.

If the user decides to save their generative art drawing, the 5 last saved drawings will show on the screen in a polaroid-like look.

Processing Inspiration:

I chose to make a generative art piece on processing because I feel that a drawing using a joystick can only get you so far without much practice, so I decided that a generative art algorithm would work better for this case.

These are some sources that I feel inspire my goal for the processing part of my project.

First design this is a randomly generated piece, but it is really close to what I thought of when I first thought of generative.

Second design This is a drawing piece where the letters are drawn instead of ink at the position of the mouse and the size is decided by the speed of the movement of the mouse.

Third design In this one the cursor is followed by randomly changing shape instead of a normal brush.

Fourth design This, like the first, does not follow the mouse, it is just random instead-but follows a random path and is not completely random.

I think this might be nice to add behind any of the other designs with a lower opacity to give a smoky look behind the drawing.


My plan is to have 2 joysticks, one to control the mouse location and one to change the color of the drawing at a certain point.

I also plan to add push buttons to toggle values that will reset/save/show prev saved images.

This is the arrangement I have in mind at the moment

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