week 1: self portrait

This week’s assignment was to make a self portrait on processing. For my self portrait, I went with an emoji-type of style. (It’s more of a smiley face than a portrait, honestly)

I started by making a circle for the face , with a skin color fill. Then, I made the eyes , irises and highlights with circle().

I used a rectangle with rounded edges and an arc for the hair. (I was confused with the arc and would’ve liked it to look differently, but it’s okay)

I used ellipse() for the ears and earrings, and I made a variable (space) for the ear spacing.

I made the smile with arc().

I used different fill colors using the color selector, and  I tried different strokes.

I wanted to add triangles or lines for eyelashes, but I couldn’t figure out how to place them so I scrapped that idea.

(This is the final product! 

not a super accurate representation of me, but it’ll work.


(ill just paste it here)

size(480, 480);
background(214, 244, 255);
int space = 180;

fill(57, 37, 37);
rect(width/2, height/2, 380, 390, 120, 120, 12, 18);
//arc(width/2, 60, 100, 75, 0, PI, PIE);
//hair (long part)
fill(240, 216, 184);
circle(width/2, height/2, 350);
ellipse(width/2-space, height/2-20, 40,60);
ellipse(width/2+space, height/2-20, 40,60);
ellipse(width/2-space, height/2, 10,10);
ellipse(width/2+space, height/2, 10,10);
circle(width/2-60, height/2-50, 80);
circle(width/2+60, height/2-50, 80);
fill(116, 75, 48);
circle(width/2-60, height/2-40, 50);
circle(width/2+60, height/2-40, 50);
//eye color
circle(width/2-70, height/2-50, 10);
circle(width/2+50, height/2-50, 10);
//eye highlight
fill(232, 140, 168);
arc(240, 280, width/4+50, height/4+50, 0, PI, CHORD);
fill(57, 37, 37);
arc(width/2, 60, 280, 220, 0, PI, PIE);
fill(57, 37, 37);

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