Self-Portrait Chi-Ting Tsai

In general, I decided to not do a realistic or cartoonish portrait as I think animals would reflect more of my spirits and character.

At first, I drew a pair of split eyes and a red nose. I intentionally left out the ears because my friends would always make fun of me for not understanding the conversation and recognizing people. I also make the background with color gradient rectangles. I enjoy bubbly and dreamy colors. Hence the background. 

Then, I was pondering over what I should do for its legs and tail. Not being inspired by anything, I started messing around with beziers and using for loops to create different effects. It proceeded to become wings and clouds in the image below.  

Oh! Also, three strands of hair popped out from the scalp.

This self-portrait reflected all my social character traits and my free spirits that will keep on exploring new avenues.


It was difficult to fully translate and execute my design in processing. My technical skills could not match my imagination, so I chose to try different functions to gain inspiration instead. I had a strong urge to drag the shapes around as I am used to drawing with Illustrator and Pro-Create. However, once I got familiar with the coordinate system, everything else went smoothly.

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