Week 6 – Midterm Progress

I’ve spent a lot of time this week blurting out ideas for the code of my game. I just sat there and filled page upon page with notes, lists, and bullet points to try to figure out what logic is suitable for my game and how I could get it to function. By the end of that brainstorming session, I flipped through what I wrote…a little terrified by starting because it felt like there’s so much to think about.

The Idea

Last week, while brainstorming for this project, I realized that I’ve never seen anyone making a children’s game in this class or Intro to CS and thought it would be an interesting thing to explore. I think I also got a little too excited about the design possibilities that a project like this would give me.

So, I’m going for a spelling game, where a visual of an animal is displayed on the screen and the child has to click on letter blocks on the screen to spell out the animal’s name. When they get it right, the animal sound is triggered and they move on to the next level which presents an animal with a name more difficult to spell.

What I Have So Far

This weekend I got a few things done:

  • Made a list of classes needed and their properties
  • Finalized the list of animals I’m going to use (the levels)
  • Researched some games online to understand switching between different displays/windows
  • Planned my logic (the variables I need, what my logic could look like)
  • Started coding by creating a Button, Animal, and Letter class as well as a very simple start screen (only a start button).

I’m at a point where I kind of know what I need to do, but not sure how to organize it. So I’m hoping that talking through it today and spending more time breaking it down could make it easier to approach.




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