Midterm Progress – Oct 18th

It took me a while to come up with an idea for my midterm project. I started out by looking up games online in the hopes of getting inspired by one of them. But that got me nowhere.
So, I started to think about events from my personal life that I could possibly base my game on. That’s when I got the idea to make one of my dreams/nightmares the inspiration for the game.
Unfortunately, I’m not the type of person who remembers their dreams once they wake up. However, I used to have a recurring “nightmare” when I was a kid that I, luckily, still remember.
I’m very claustrophobic. So, I used to have a nightmare where I would be in a room with a cake. The cake would get progressively bigger until it left me with no space for myself. My only way out was to eat it.
This will be the concept of the game: Eat the cake or it will “eat” you. ( it will take up all your space)

game concept

The game would start out with a character (me) and a cake (mean huge cake) in a room.
The cake can shoot the character. Each time it is able to hit it, it will grow a little bit more in size.
The character can move around, jump, and crouch to avoid the cake’s hits.
It can also take a bite out of the cake every time it gets close enough to it, and presses a specific keyboard key.
If the cake fills up the entire room, I lose. If I am able to eat it first, I win.


I haven’t had much time to get a lot done because of my busy schedule this week. However, I decided to start working on some basics individually and make sure they work smoothly, so that I can later easily incorporate them into my game.

So far:

      •  I made a start menu template with buttons allowing me to move between screens (start menu, instructions, and gameplay):

      • I made functions to move my character to the right and left, and to jump:


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