Margaret Hamilton – What a Gal!

Now it makes sense why they wrote a hit musical about Hamilton! Although it seems like they strayed a bit from Margaret’s story…

Seriously, though, Hamilton’s stories is just incredible to read about. It’s inspiring to hear the story of a woman with such talent working in a field that was so dominated by men at the time. And not only that, but being a working mother in the 1960’s! Damn girl!

It reminds me of that Hidden Figures movie they made about Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Jonson who also worked at NASA and were the brains behind an operation. I wonder if Hamilton was also hidden, just as the three women in the film were. It’s funny. In the article, Hamilton says she feared that if she made a mistake, the press would point back to her and blame it all on her. Which is true, if she had made a mistake that cost the mission, she would have been ridiculed and shamed by the entire community, but throughout all of her success, how much recognition did she get? How many other people like Hamilton have we hidden away?

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