Midterm Proposal

I have always been interested in the intersection between visual arts and technology, and Interactive Media acts as the perfect middle ground for those interests. For my midterm project, I am considering creating a small art installation or performance; which will combine the use of a certain medium (paint, graphite, ink, etc.) with different sensors and motors to facilitate the process of producing a work of art. The installation will be interactive in the sense that the user can decide which movements or brushstrokes will be undertaken by the motors, through operating the different sensors.

One thought on “Midterm Proposal”

  1. Hi Tala, sounds great. It’s a big undertaking for one week though. Maybe just try making a proof of concept, that uses jsut one medium (either paint, graphite, ink, etc.). You could potentially use two servos attached to each other, to get one arm of a paint brush to move around. Here is an example of a previous year midterm that used two servo motors to blow bubbles: http://intro18spring.nyuad.im/2018/03/01/midterm-bubble-blowing-machine/

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