Midterm Proposal: Song Cover

For my midterm, I wanted to expand on my last weekly assignment, which was to build an instrument using tone and servos. What I had in mind, then was to have a self-made band, or in other words creating a cover for a song using what I have.

The song I have chosen is “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, and it is actually a cover of the acoustic live version of that. Here is the cover.

So basically, if you listen to the song, there is the drum, the bass guitar, and the acoustic guitar. I will now describe how each component will be re-created through Arduino.

Drum: I have already started on the drums. I made a small kit, as you will see in the video below, and now I just need the servos to be attached and do the job for me. I will also have to code the speed at which the servos, or should I say drumsticks, will move up and down.


I do not know why this video is not showing as embedded, but the link should redirect you to the video.

Bass, Acoustic: Both the Bass guitar and the acoustic, I believe, should be recorded on Tone. However, as you can see, while the bass plays constantly throughout the song, the acoustic solo is only partial. So I have to make sure while one is looping constantly the other should only play once when I perform a certain action.

All of this will be performed through an analog input. When I fiddle with the photoresistor, for instance, the drum will start playing, etc. I want to make sure that each layer is added when I start the song, and hopefully my singing voice will be the last one to be added, completing the cover for the song.

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  1. Something that might be much more cool than using tone, would be to use a servo to plug a rubber band string for the bass. You would lose the pitches, but then it turns into your own song rather than recreating this song, even though it is all based on that song.

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