Tableware–Chopsticks and Spoon

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

My circuit which I only added chopsticks and a spoon into is quite simple. To make the light on, we only need to make sure that the voltage assigned to the light will be around its rated voltage. In addition, having a loop is quite important.

We can’t use common switch, so we’ll try something new. At first, I was going to find something which is made of metal that can conduct electricity. Then I chose my necklace and used it as conductor in my circuit, however, the light was still off and it didn’t work at all. Maybe the necklace has a quite large resistance, which leads to the light does not have enough voltage to be on. Or the necklace’s material does not have a good conductive in the circuit.

The second time, I chose nail clippers. When I cut it, I thought the top of the nail clippers can be closed to form a loop, maybe it can be a part of my circuits. Nevertheless, the light will always be on when I use the nail clippers as a connection.

The third time, I had a very simple idea by using chopsticks and spoon. Luckily, they naturally became a close circuit with GREAT conductive ability.



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