Jumping on the Trampoline!

For the final project, Shelly and I designed a game which players can interact physically with computer program. Our settings are quite simple: a trampoline and a computer. Inspiration for this game came from the offline dinosaur game in google chrome. Players control space key to have dinosaur avoid obstacles when obstacles come one by one. In our game, the basic idea is let players avoid all obstacles. But we pay more attention to players’ interactions with the game. So camera will take player’s head portrait first, after finishing avatar collection, the saved image will be filtered and brought into the game and play the main role. The next step in this game is to control the movement of the main role. The role will meet different obstacles and he must avoid them to keep the game going on by jumping up and down. This movement is not controlled by keys or mouse but plater’s real jump. Player is required to stand on a trampoline and jump, when he jump, his head portrait as a role in the game will jump with him



Scott Jump! https://youtu.be/GklHesXhTTc

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Physical Controller

We learned how to combine arduino and processing together to achieve the real interaction last class. Before it, I only know how to build a circuit to control sensors and code in processing individually. This time, I chose potentiometer as physical controller in my project to control picaman in my picman game. When you touch the different part on the potentiometer, the picmen will move toward different directions.

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Lovely Elephant’s Nose & Crown

I came up with the idea to make an elephant whose nose can swing and crown can move. I used a servo motor and solenoid individually for the elephant’s nose and crown. Once the device is connected to power, the crown will stretch forward and backward while the nose will start to swing from left to right and then left.  

IMG_5299 2

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Computational Media

My original inspiration to join this class comes from the IM final show in Shanghai. When I saw many amazing works that students made and played with them were super fun. I also want to make something like theirs, so I am so lucky to get into Intro to IM class in Abu Dhabi for my first study away semester. As I came here, everything was new and seems a little bit overwhelming for me. And the first assignment gave me a chance to start to notice and observe interactions in our living environment. Continue reading “Computational Media”

We love Scott and his Cat :)

In this assignment, I made a picture by using processing. The basic idea is to create two layers of images after importing two images.  One image is full of words while the other is Scott’s portrait, the gradients of words sketches outline of the portrait. Then I decided to show all of our names on the portrait of Scott, it would be awesome! Here is the work:)

We love Scott & his cat

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Big&Small Pacmans

In this project, originally, I made a pacman animation. Red picman and yellow picman show in the screen at the same time with their mouths open and close alternatively. The yellow pacman goes beyond the red pacman and then disappears while the red pacman stays in the screen. Ocassionally, I found a game on the website which I mix my idea into it. There are two balls in the game, you can use your mouse to control one ball and catch up with the other ball. When the two balls meet, their sizes and speeds will change. My originally idea can help the game change simple balls into cute pacmans, in addition, the background of the game can be adjusted to a more colourful scene.

You can see the video here: Processing Game

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Self Portrait and Drawing Machine

In this project, I made a simple drawing machine. In this machine, main icon is two red circles connected by a line. This icon can turn by itself, the rotating center is the middle point of the line. When you move the mouse on the screen, the icon will move with the mouse and continually rotate. In addition, the color of background will turn lighter as time goes on. Continue reading “Self Portrait and Drawing Machine”

Listening to butterflies’ sound

I combined Arduino and paper arts together in this project. You can see four paper butterflies connected to four different -length wires are fixed by nails. When you use your finger to touch the heads of the nails on butterflies, the speaker connected to the work will make sound. When you touch different butterflies, the different sound you will get. You can also play on these different sounds to make your own butterfly song.

You can see the video here:Butterflies’ sound

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Potentiometer controls LED lights

This project is about potentiometer and LED lights. When you press the certain parts of potentiometer, the matched LEDs will be on. In this circuit, I divided the potentiometer into three parts according its shape are the top, middle and bottom.

Potentiometer Controls LED Lights

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