User Testing-Nourhane Sekkat- Let’s Surf

Initially, users couldn’t believe that the skateboard controls the game since for them it was impossible to make that as a student and so they try to use the keyboard keys to control the game and when they see that it doesn’t work they get up on the skateboard with still a lot of reluctancy and asking me several times if it’s safe and if it works and if that’s what they should do (even though I have the exact instructions of what they should do in the screen but I think having using keys on the screen instructions is also what caused this confusion since the reason I added it was in order to make the game usable even without the Arduino but once the Arduino is connected it stops the keys from working). Once they start playing they are impressed and start asking all kinds of questions about how I did it especially because I hid the circuit so well so they didn’t realize that was how it worked until I explain it. I think for the future I could add more specific instructions telling users to check whether the game is physical or online or maybe even a how to video. The game once explained is very self explanatory since I give them time to get used to the board and how to use it before the sharks start appearing. What i feel like I have to explain the most tho is just the direction to tilt to go to what direction but i don’t think there’s a way to make it better since it depends on what side people choose to stand which makes their instructions specific for them.

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