User Testing

Before completing the project, I did some user testing with a small sample of participants. Here is a video of Zion using my project:

User testing stage gave me valuable insight that was difficult to see from my perspective as the creator of the project. Here are the tips that I implemented in the final version:

  • Specifying how many stages (color inputs) there will be, helps the participant to understand the structure of the experience from the start.
  • Starting the instructions by saying what is the main thing that will be required (color input based on prompts).
  • Introducing an additional screen in between the last color input and generated gradient to build some suspension.

Are they able to figure it out? Where do they get confused and why? Do they understand the mapping between the controls and what happens in the experience?

– Everyone was able to figure it out, sometimes there would be a little confusion in the beginning due to multiple potentiometers though.

What parts of the experience are working well? What areas could be improved?

– The generative gradient tends to produce a pleasant reaction, so I would say that works well. The button perhaps is the one that is not too reliable.

What parts of your project did you feel the need to explain? How could you make these areas more clear to someone that is experiencing your project for the first time?

-I would often receive questions as to how many stages there will be in total, therefore I decided to add this information to the instructions page.

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