Final Project Progress #2

Finalized concept for the project:

As I was thinking about my idea (and as Spotify Wrapped came out), I remembered last year’s Spotify’s Wrapped element where the application generated a gradient based on the top music moods. Here is an image of what I am referring to:

Therefore, I decided to stick to the colors but to change the purpose and the idea of the game. Instead of making it a game, I want my project to be a personalized experience for the user. The users will be prompted to input colors that represent different emotions to them, such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc. The input will happen with the help of 3 potentiometers, where each potentiometer will represent Red, Green and Blue. After the input is done, a personal color or a gradient will be generated, that perhaps with a click of a button can be downloaded and then sent to the user’s personal device.

Arduino Program:

Arduino setup:

  • 3 potentiometers (I saw we have bigger potentiometers in the IM Lab, perhaps I could use those)
  • buttons (for progressing through the game and the download of the result)

Arduino Program:

The Arduino program will receive the values from the potentiometers and map them to the color range from 0 to 255. It will also receive the input from the buttons and send them to P5js.

P5 Program:

P5 will be responsible for displaying the correct screens and stages of the experience (such as in the midterm project). It will also be responsible for providing real-time feedback on the color being generated by receiving the values from potentiometers and Arduino. P5 will store the input colors and use them to generate the final result.


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