Final Draft 1


I’ve tentatively decided on a concept for my final project, though I’m not completely set on it yet. I’m considering creating a reaction time game centered around colors, featuring various levels of difficulty. The project involves a platform housing colored buttons capable of lighting up, with two buttons assigned to each of the four colors.

In the first level, a color will display on the screen, prompting the corresponding button to light up. Clicking that button reveals another color, illuminating the alternative button. The subsequent level increases the challenge by lighting up only one of the two buttons of the same color. For the third level, the screen will exhibit the name of the color in a different hue, requiring the player to press the button matching the displayed color rather than its name. This challenge can be reversed, prompting the player to press based on the text rather than the color, adding complexity to the game. a game will be around 10 lights color combination.

p5 interface

Regarding the interface, there will be a welcome screen on the p5 platform featuring a play button as well as an info button. After the player has read the instructions they click the play button. Clicking this will lead to a page displaying multiple levels for the user to select and start the game.


    • Arduino uno
    • 8 buttons
    • rigid body for the buttons
    • lots of jumper wirds

Arduino (Outgoing Data):

the ardunio would send feedback to p5 about the status of the buttons if pressed or not.

p5.js (Outgoing Commands):

during specific levels, the p5 will signal the Arduino to activate the light for the targeted button.



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