Ideas For Final Project


Idea 1 

For the first idea, I’m thinking of using either real-time data or just existing data and creating a creative visualization that can be controlled by the user through an ultrasonic sensor. My second option for data visualization is to apply the concept of sonification in the field of astronomy where data is converted into sound as an output demonstrating  some waves that are being radiated in space or a black hole studied by NASA. If I go with this idea, I’ll probably try to connect the sound of those waves with the user’s interaction with the ultrasonic sensor and connect it to what’s displayed on p5js.

Idea 2

My second idea does not involve any data its more like a game. The game would either involve a journey in an old house and the user will be moving through different rooms or it would be a whole night journey in multiple settings like a home, forest, streets, etc. The main concept is that they will be using their phones as a flashlight to search for certain objects asked by the game in order to win or complete the narrative. The light would be detected by the light sensor and it would be connected to p5js so the space they are in is bright enough for them to look for the item. This idea might be tough because I’m not sure to what extent it is plausible to implement.

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