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We don’t typically discuss how disability influences design, so this was a very intriguing topic. Indeed, it was fascinating to observe how he connected glasses to disabilities, which influenced the creation of what we now refer to as eyewear.  The author went on to discuss various disabilities and the medical equipment associated with them, as well as how fashion has improved their overall appearance and design. Graham Pullin talks about how important it is to make things like wheelchairs and hearing aids look good and easy to use for people with disabilities. He suggests calling them “chairwear” and “hearwear” to make them seem more like regular things you’d buy, not just medical stuff. But there’s a worry that making these things fashionable might make them more expensive, which could be a problem for people who don’t have a lot of money. Pullin doesn’t talk much about how to keep these cool designs affordable for everyone who needs them. He mentions how glasses used to be cheap for everyone, but now they can cost a lot because they’re seen as a fashion accessory. It’s important that making things look good doesn’t make them too pricey for people who really need them. There should be a balance between looking nice and being affordable for everyone who needs these tools.

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