Reading Reflection – Week #11

I was glad to read about the topic of design in the context of disability and how it has historically been approached with a focus on discretion rather than aesthetics or even functionality. I found the discussed collaboration between athlete and model Aimee Mullins and designer Alexander McQueen to be beautifully inspiring. It highlights the power of design and how it can be used to transform something that is considered a pitied disadvantage into an element of individual identity. It opens a completely new direction, one that values empowerment and personal expression rather than the wish to blend in and the strive for “normal”.

As we go deeper into this evolving conversation about design and disability, I’m left wondering about the potential effects on societal perceptions. How might a more widespread acceptance of visually expressive assistive devices lead to a more inclusive sense of beauty and ability? Can collaboration between designers and people with disabilities pave the way for a cultural shift towards celebrating uniqueness rather than conforming to preconceived norms? Storieslike the one of Aimee Mullins and Alexander McQueen invite to consider the transforming role of design not only in the lives of persons with disabilities, but also in constructing a more inclusive and welcoming society that celebrates the complexity of individual experiences.

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