Week 10 – response

Weekly Response

We’ve made significant strides in achieving much of what was demonstrated, but it hasn’t reached the level of convenience we hoped for. Take Siri on iPhones, for instance. Despite its heavy advertisements, it’s not as frequently used in reality and isn’t convenient enough to be  highlighted as an important feature. Its limited usability in public or noisy settings restricts its practicality. Similarly, the flashy concept of drawing in the air showcased in the video lacks real-world applicability. In professional settings, more practical, industrial-grade alternatives would likely be preferred.

However, considering the video was made nine years ago, it serves as a benchmark for our progress toward the creator’s vision. The idea of a singular device for all tasks is closer to reality today. Many functionalities showcased, like summoning a taxi, scheduling appointments, using voice commands for messages, and even unlocking a Tesla car, are now accessible through modern phones. While data isn’t projected on transparent glass yet and smart glasses aren’t widely available, we’re moving towards more advanced technologies where convenience triumphs over merely looking impressive. The focus is shifting to inventions that truly serve convenience rather than flashy devices with limited practicality.

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