Talk Reflection



Prof Neil did an amazing job connecting the lines drawing the fuller picture of AI from his perspective. He started by giving a brief intro about AI and its emergence then started sharing some insights about how AI functions simplifying it with visual aid and explanation using examples making it easier to grasp the fuller picture.

The introduction, though aimed at introducing AI to those unfamiliar with it, felt overly lengthy and unengaging. Given that the audience consisted of university students well-versed in AI and its applications, spending more than half the lecture on this basic introduction seemed unnecessary and not relevant to their level of knowledge and daily use of AI.

Geoffrey Hinton’s video on the other hand was incredibly insightful, particularly regarding the concept of AI being smarter than humans because of its ability to share information. This idea resonated and truly made sense to me. It stands out as the most compelling argument I’ve encountered because it highlights how AI’s capacity to accumulate knowledge differs significantly from humans. Instead of the lengthy process of teaching each generation from scratch and hoping for marginal contributions over decades, AI’s continuous accumulation and building upon existing knowledge make it vastly smarter compared to humans.

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