Week 9 – Reading Response

Greatest Hits (and Misses)
The reading went over how different materials were used in different projects. I think there is 2 ways of approaching a project: come up with the idea first and look at available technologies or methods, or look at available technologies or methods and think about what you can do with it.

I wouldn’t say any of them is superior than the other. However, I do want to say that it does mean knowing what’s available will be helpful in terms of thinking outside the box, doing remix, and creating your project.  In this sense, it was interesting to see how different technologies were used. Some were crazier than others, but regardless, they still make it to my reference list.

Making Interactive Art
I think the reading very well points out how certain performers or artists tend to directly guide the audience to think a specific way or come to a specific conclusion. I think it’s easier to fall into this pitfall as an interactive media creator, as there’s a limitation to different types or cases of interactions we can think of as creators, which will make us limit the conclusion and the emotions we create with our project.

I think this can both work against you or work in your favour. It is true we, as creators, should try not to have a set conclusion and just ‘educate’ our audience of it. However, at the same time, interactive media holds the power to guide people to experience certain things and, in return, think a certain thing. I think this is a strength not many forms of media has. For instance, a painting may go through so many interpretations of different individuals. While I agree the charm lies within this characteristic, it is also very true that the painter may fail in delivering the message with the correct context and depth.

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