Week 9: Reading Reflection

This might have been the first time I hear this opinion out loud, I always tried to create interactive art works independent and sufficient for the user to be immersed without any prior information or explanation. I totally agree on the idea that an artist need not explain their pov or their vision of the project as a primary part of the experience. “The thing you build, whether it’s a device or a whole environment, is just the beginning of a conversation with the people who experience your work.” Is a statement that caught my attention. In previous classes we discussed the definition of interaction and a definition that we came up with is “the exchanged interaction between two mediums” which is facilitated in conversations for example, hence it is well said that the interaction between the user and the project is like a conversation that one might say between the artist vision portrayed by the project and the user.

I agree with the second reading on “Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits and Misses.” The idea that the next big thing hasn’t come around yet is because people tend to give up on ideas they think have already been done and can’t be improved. The examples in the reading show that you can take something existing, use your creativity and imagination, and turn it into something new. It’s like how we use materials around us to create things – in the same way, we can use existing inventions as a starting point to build upon. The reading emphasizes the importance of not dismissing ideas too quickly and instead seeing them as opportunities to add something unique. By adopting this mindset, we can uncover new possibilities within familiar concepts, contributing to technological advancements and innovative solutions.

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