Week 8 | Creative Switch

For this assignment, I wanted to set up something automated. You see, in my dorm room, I’ve got these cool, colorful LED lights that I like to switch on when it gets dark. But here’s the thing: I often turn them on when I close the window by my bed. That got me thinking: why not connect the LED with the window? So, I came up with a simple idea. Now, when I close the window, the LED light automatically pops on. And when I open the window, it goes off. It’s like a little automation trick to make my room feel cozy without me even lifting a finger.

I’ve put together a basic circuit here. It’s pretty straightforward – just one resistor and one light bulb. I connected the wires and fixed a little coin to the end of each wire. At the bottom of the window, I stuck a sheet of aluminum foil. When I shut the window, those two coins make contact with the foil, and that’s when the circuit completes. The light bulb lights up when they touch the foil.

Video of implementation:

This assignment was so fun and I really liked that I did something that is very interesting for me. The only problem I encountered was attaching the board to the window, but I managed to solve it in no time. Another aspect that could be improved is the choice of materials. I used basic items like coins and aluminum foil, which I believe may not be the most suitable options for projects like this.

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