Week 8 – Let’s Blink


This project is inspired by the moustache switch example. In the example, the creator used conductive materials to mimic moustache and made them into a switch. Then, I think of the very first Arduino program everybody learns: Blink of the LED. A idea comes into my mind: why don’t we actually blink when the LED blinks? Therefore, I decide to follow the same manner of the moustache switch to make a blink switch.



I think the highlight of this little project is the attachment of the wires to the conductive materials and to the eye muscles. It is critical to decide which part of the eyes to attach the conductive pieces to so that they are sensitive enough to close the circuit when blinking.

Whenever the user blinks, the movements of the muscles will make the to conductors touch each other, making it a closed circuit. 

Reflections and Improvements

I think generally the project is interesting and can be expanded if more coding is added and more complicated sensors are used. It explores the possibilities of other parts of the body and movements as switches other than just hands. The project can be further improved by using better conductive materials that can be attached better to the skins with more compatible sizes to make the interaction more smooth and create better user experience.

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