Week 4- Reading Reflection

In reflecting on the reading by Don Norman, several key points resonate with my experiences and beliefs about design and human interaction with technology.

Firstly, the notion of increasing complexity leading to frustration and errors in everyday technology is something I can readily relate to. The author’s examples of intricate car dashboards and home automation systems align with my own encounters with technology. It’s evident from user complaints and product reviews that many people share this frustration when faced with overly complex interfaces or systems.

Norman’s emphasis on human-centered design (HCD) makes complete sense to me. It’s evident that products and services designed with a deep understanding of human needs and behaviors tend to be more successful and user-friendly.

Regarding bias, while Norman’s perspective leans toward user-centered design principles, I view this as a positive bias. Prioritizing user needs in design is fundamental to creating products and services that genuinely serve their intended audience. It aligns with my belief that technology should adapt to human needs, not the other way around.

In terms of changing beliefs, this reading reinforces my conviction that technology should be user-friendly. It reminds me of the importance of designers striking a balance between innovation and usability, especially in today’s fast-paced tech environment. The reading raises questions about how designers can keep pace with emerging technologies while ensuring that these technologies remain accessible and intuitive for users.

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