Week 14 – Final project User Testing

Sanjana was my user-tester for the latest version of my final project. As per the instructions, I didn’t give her any instructions before she started testing it, and was able to receive some valuable feedback on the ways I could improve instructions given to the user and discovered one bug that has a potential to be a cool feature haha.



  • Sanjana found it pretty easy to navigate the user interface and how the mapping between the glove and p5.js work. I feel like I needed to explain her that sensors are very sensitive so sometimes even minor bends affect the movement. The parts of the project that are working well are communication between the flex sensors and p5.js and also the graphics.
  • Through the user-testing, I realized that I should make it clearer in the instructions page how the user should hold her hand so that sensors would work the best way. I should also mention that the right, left, zoom in and out movements sometimes can be combined when corresponding hand movements are combined (i.e. when the user bends her thumb while bending her hand right)
  • This user-testing also helped me realize that that when zooming in or out, there’s some limit till which u can zoom in/out so that the image will not get distorted. By zooming in too much you can get very deep into the image so that only pixels will be visible and the image presented will not make sense. However, by zooming out of the image you can reach a cool 3d space where the image will cover the sphere (the cool feature I was talking about). See below image for reference.

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