Week 12 – Final Project Concept

Jumpy Bird

My inspiration is the old classic favourite bird of everyone: Flappy Bird! But I will be reimagining the game to better fit into the environment of Arduino and P5 js.


For starters, I plan on using a force sensor in order to make bird jump. I may also implement powerups that will be utilized through other external controls such as buttons.  I will also be implementing LEDs of different colours in order to represent different games states or actions such as jumps or game overs.


The Arduino code will handle all the input from the physical board such as the force sensor and also lighting up the different LEDs depending on the corresponding action. It will be communication with p5 js using serial connection. It will also be handling the different sound effects for the jumps and defeats.

P5 js

The P5 js code will be responsible for the looks and designs of the game. In order to start the game, the user will have to interact with the menu at the beginning of the program. It will also display the high score so different players can battle it out for who has the highest score!

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