Light Crystals – Digital/Analog I/O


I really wanted to play around with ultrasonic sensors and RGB Led, so for this project, I built two glowing crystals that change brightness based on how close an object is and can change colors when a button is pressed.

Final Product


I started off by first playing around with ultrasonic sensors with a tutorial I found here. Once I had that working, I slowly added more parts starting with a blue LED, then the RGB LED, and finally the switch. I wanted to present the LED in a cute and pretty way (instead of it just being there) but had a hard time finding something I could use to cover up the LEDs (I was going for a tennis ball but was not able to get one in time). When I added the LEDs, I temporarily covered them up with caps of my lip liners and since I liked the way they looked like crystals from the side I decided to keep them.

The circuit
Circuit diagram

I have already built a very similar circuit in class so this project was challenging in terms of creativity rather than technicality. I spent a lot of time trying to find a way to present my circuit without over-complicating things, and I was able to achieve that through trial and error.


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