Midterm Progress -Yerkebulan Imanbayev

For the midterm project, I was inspired by a famous game that appears in all arcades – “Hit the Beaver”.

For this project, a user would be shown a window where they can start the game. When they start the game, they can pick two levels of difficulty. Once they pick their preferred level of difficulty, they are redirected to a new page. On this page, there are nine ellipses and periodically, beavers appear from the ellipses and the user has to click on the as soon as possible before they disappear. There will be a certain amount of beavers that will appear in the short period of time and if the user is able to catch all of them during the given time, they win. However, if they are not, they lose the game. Then they are given a chance to restart the game. The reason why there is two levels of difficulty is twofold: if the user picks a more difficult level, more beavers will appear in the same span of time AND they will be appearing and disappearing at a higher speed. 

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