Week 4 Generative Text

The concept behind this project is to create a colorful, dynamic, and mesmerizing generative artwork that combines vibrant colors, fluid shapes, and intriguing phrases. To achieve this, we use a combination of randomization and user-defined variables to create unique color schemes, shapes, and phrases.



The program is structured around a group of arrays that describe the nouns, adjectives, and colors that make up the sentences. The random() method is then used to pick a color from the color array, an adjective from the adjective array, and a noun from the noun array, resulting in a sentence that vividly describes a scene using a wide variety of colors and adjectives.

My use of a gradient background is one of the code snippets I am most pleased with. To make a background that is both visually pleasing and easy on the eyes, I used the createLinearGradient() function to make a linear gradient.


Adding user controls to this project would be a great way to improve it and give people more interactivity in shaping the final product. Also, I would use other shapes and phrases, adding additional components to the artwork to increase its visual complexity and intrigue.





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