HW Week 3 – OOP Art in p5js


I had quite an intensive day and one of the fun parts of it was actually solving puzzles and playing games in a pair for one of the student capstone experiments I participated in. One of the games resembled tic-tac-toe for me and I used to love playing it. With the homework assignment based on the use of classes and arrays, I tried to recreate the game in a basic setting using p5js.

The product

I am overall satisfied with the technical aspect of the code but I as look closer at the visual implementation I think it needs a strong improvement here to be somewhat ‘artsy’ at least to a minimal extent. I want to develop it a bit further playing with design and making it more interactive.

Since I thought that just X and O were completely boring, I decided to switch them simply to IM and CS to draw a winner in this friendly ‘competition’ between majors.


For me, it was getting used to the implementation of how to apply a function for each cell in p5js. It was a bit confusing since I am more used to retrieving code functions into separate blocks, yet this implementation looks tidier.

this.cells.forEach(function (cell) {
  if (cell.r == r && cell.c == c && 0 == cell.v) {
    cell.t = t;
    if (turn == "IM") {
      cell.v = 1;
    } else {
      cell.v = -1;


I have used 2 classes for the Tic-Tac-Toe game: Board and Player, and I believe this assignment was useful to me in regards to practising OOP code writing. It was also quite a while since my last game implementation, even a basic one like this. The aspect that I think I really need to work on more is the visual representation of the game and making it more creative in the sense of design. Yet, this was a fun and useful experience of implementing.

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