Assignment 2- Art(Static Noise)


In this assignment, we were required to use the knowledge we acquired in class( mainly loops) to create an art of any form. At first, I tried out so many random combinations of shapes and loops to create a generative art drawing inspiration from so many online sources but I could not really come up with something very inspiring and aesthetically pleasing to me. As I kept on searching I came across the image below.

The image Image above is an image of what we term “Static noise”. It’s basically an output to a television screen when there is a bad signal.


I decided to recreate this using p5js. At first i tried out several shapes and finally settled on using rectangles. Using for loop, i generated several small rectangles to fill up the whole canvas and then used the random function to also give them color. The code is very simple and short. I used just two nested for loops in this assignment.


For me, my work for this assignment was very simple and less time consuming as compared to the first assignment. I think i am getting better at using p5js. I experimented on so many functions and was also able to add some sound to make the whole experience better.

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