Aisha – Final Documentation

Initially, I wanted to create some sort of ball-scrolling game where a ball has to jump from platform to platform without falling down. However, I struggled with creating the 3D platforms for it and having it rotate so I then moved on to my next idea. As a kid, I used to love the game ‘Doodle Jump’, a mobile game where you have a doodle and have it jump from platform to platform, avoiding the enemy and falling down. Therefore, I decided to create my own variation of the game called ‘Hop’.

Creating the code on p5js was the biggest challenge for me. I had issues with having some platforms show, having the doodler not scroll past the screen as well as all through platforms. But with the help of and codeTonight I managed to fix these issues.

I printed an instructions page for users to look at before playing  the game which looked like this:

Here is a link to the p5 and Arduino code:

This is the game:

I’m really proud of the game itself, I enjoyed coding it and whilst doing it I realized I loved coding games in general.


Future improvements:

  • I would like to make my controls look prettier. This is what it looked like:

  • I wanted to add white platforms and have them disappear when the player jumped on them however I couldn’t figure it out and decided to remove it.





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