Final Project- Preliminary concept


For the final project, I would like to improve on the pac-man game that I developed on p5.js for my midterm project. I was a bit confused about whether to start a new project from scratch or build up on my midterm project. However, I realized that my goal for this final project is to focus more on hardware and physical computing stuff. This is because I am not experienced in this area at all and would like to have the final project as an opportunity to challenge myself and try out designing creative things with Arduino.

While doing my midterm project I faced some minor issues with the code for the game. Therefore, before creating an interaction between p5.js and arduino, I would like to fix these issues in the game by using for example the colors of the pixels to determine when the pacman hits one of the walls instead of using many if statements.

Using hardware devices to Control the Game

After fixing these issues I would like to use different devices that we learned about in the class to control the game and make it more interactive with the user. For example, I can use four buttons to control the motion of pacman. One button that moves pacman up, another button that moves pacman down, another button that moves pacman to the left and another one to move pacman to the right.

Furthermore, I would like to use the LCD screen to display the score in the game. However, this might be a challenging task as the LCD screen needs 12 wires to be soldered which will be difficult for me because I never did soldering.

In addition to this, I might use the potentiometer to change the difficult of the game by increasing the speed of the ghosts as this would make the game more interesting. Finally I would like to use the piezo buzzer to give different sound effects throughout the game. For instance, if you lose the game the piezo buzzer will be giving a losing sound effect.


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