Final Project Preliminary Concept: Live Fruit Ninja

While brainstorming, I was trying to recall what interactive projects I’ve interacted with and enjoyed. I feel like key components that draw me personally to a project are the outcome, music, and how the body is used in the project.

My preliminary idea for the final project is to take the classic 2000s mobile game, Fruit Ninja, and make it live. If you’re not familiar with Fruit Ninja, it’s a timed game where the player has to slice as many fruits as they can using their finger(s). There are combos, bombs, and special fruits in the game, but to keep it relatively simple for implementation I will probably just have the player be able to slice one fruit at a time.

The physical component will be instead of the player using just their finger, they will use their whole body. For instance when they see a fruit coming, they will have to slice it using their arms. This might use the distance sensor. Another possible idea is to have multiple buttons, one representing each fruit, scattered around so the player will have to move to get the button.

I’m not sure if I will stick to this idea, but for now live Fruit Ninja will be what I’m going for.

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