Final Project: Concept

Inspiration: Etch a Sketch

Source: The New York Times Magazine

Etch a Sketch is a simple drawing tool. Users can rotate two knobs to alter x and y positions of a drawing dot, creating a continuous drawing. To erase the drawn image, users have to shake the board.


Creating an Arduino version of Etch and Sketch does not seem to be too difficult, so I am thinking of a few things that make the Arduino version somewhat unique. However, there are a few guidelines I would like to maintain:

      1. Since it is a drawing tool, the control of the dot has to be precise.
      2. Related to (1), the final product should be intuitive to use.

So, the Arduino version of Etch and Sketch will likely have potentiometers to act as knobs and a button to erase the drawing. The below is the list of additional features that may or may not be implemented in my project:

      1. 3D. Introducing another drawing axis, people can create a 3D drawing. However, this may be a challenging task, and other features may not be implemented if I focus on creating this.
      2. Partial erasing. Similar to how texts are erased on smartphones, people will be able to undo their drawing, and erasing will become faster if keep erasing.
      3. Color/stroke thickness.
      4. Pause/Resume drawing. Similar to lifting a pen to draw things on another side, the drawing of the dot may pause and resume at any time. Maybe this can be implemented with the color feature using RGBA.


Hopefully, unlike my midterm project, the final product of this project will be not too complex.

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