To work on his assignment I had a few ideas on how to creatively replace the switch button, and my ideas varied in the process of creation. To start with, I built a simple circuit with LED and Switch button, ran it and tested the program.

Then I removed the button and began experimenting with wires. While I have my free time I do some embroidery, and often in that process I need to check the back of the needlework. I always lack the additional light from underneath to see mistakes with needles or the mess that happens sometimes. In order to implement the idea with the unusual switch, I sewed ( no harm done to the cords) the ends of the wires to the needlework so that when folded, they would touch each other. In the beginning I did it with mini aluminum foil balls, but then I found it inconvenient and removed them. The result is very simple, but a nice start.

Final Result:
switch video
I would make the contact of both ends of the wires more precise in the future, because sometimes when I moved my hand accidentally and the light turned off.

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