Assignment 5: Switch


For this assignment, I wanted to make my switch useful and involve it in something I do. I read and write a lot for my Political Science & Law and Society classes, so I chose to use a book to make my switch work. I borrowed some conductive fabric from the IM Lab, my Advanced Introduction to Law and Literature, and my Arduino kit, and got to work.

I decided that I wanted to use an LED light to light up the pages once the book is opened so that the reader is able to read in the dark. However, I obviously knew the LED light we have in our kits is too small, so when looking at the images and video below imagine a bigger and brighter light.




Link (Video was too big to upload on post)


I found this assignment pretty fun to do besides the fact that it didn’t do what I wanted to do which was light up the pages. But, with a bigger and brighter light it would have worked out. For future improvements I’d have to find a way to take into consideration when the reader flips the pages or doesn’t have the book open all the way like it is needed for this switch to work.

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