Aisha – Assignment 5: Switch

For my assignment, I decided I wanted to create something that was fun and could keep me busy for quite some time. Thus, I decided to create a ball-tossing game where the ball has to enter the cup in order for the LED switch to light up. I used the standard materials within the Arduino kit (wires, resistor, LED light) as well as a small foam cup, a silicon ball wrapped in aluminum, and tape.

Initially, I wanted to have the wires taped at the bottom of the cup. After testing out whether the aluminum ball would light up the LED, I realized it wasn’t going to work and instead made holes in the side of the cup for the wires to fit through and sort of catch the ball when it fell (with the help of tape to keep the wires steady).


Wire going into the side of the cup
Empty Cup
Cup with the ball inside


Future Improvements:

  • Something that I wanted to do but couldn’t figure out was to add another LED light for a sort of backboard and if the ball hits the background the other LED will light up so I think it would be really to do that.
  • It would also be cool to add more cups assigned to different lights.
  • Material-wise, I think using a more stable and rigid cup would be useful as it sometimes does move if I hit and miss it. Furthermore, I could add a piece of cardboard or paper in the bottom of the cup to make the wires stable and rigid as I had problems (which I eventually fixed after finding the right angle and using tape on the outside of the cup) where the piece of aluminum wouldn’t touch both wires thus not lighting up the LED.


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